Dottori S.A.

Dottori S.A. is a family company with more than thirty years of experience in the drying fruit market, especially in the drying plum market.
Our company is located at the foot of the Andes in San Rafael, Province of Mendoza, Argentina.


Having devoted his life to work, Héctor Juan Dottori, who is a son of Italian immigrants and the owner of the company, created a prosperous family company that started its commercial activity in the field of drying of fruits 30 years ago.

Héctor Juan Dottori, with his wife and children`s support, has established, with the passing of time, a company which owns plantations, ovens for dehydration, and a packing house appropriately equipped to dry plums.
Settled in San Rafael, towards the south of Mendoza, Argentina, this company offers high quality products to the international market.


Our aim is to be a company specialized in quality. We want the merchandise produced by us to stand out for its innocuousness and quality and to adapt to what has been requested by the client.


Our mission is to satisfy our clients with premium products quality. Because we look for excellence in quality, we work in each sector of the company.



We guarantee quality and product traceability: from its origin to any selling point, at any place and at any time.



The family style prevails in the way we work: commitment and stability guarantee of a group that is integrated and motivated by the project.